You can find a variety of resources, information and more for eStudents at Expectation Church here. We have included a link to download our eStudents Ministry Policies. We also have included a general look at our schedule each week. 

Curriculum & eGroups
All of our curriculum is currently written in-house. Series are planned out at least one month in advance - graphics, videos, artwork, etc. are all prepared leading up to the series. Typically, a general idea/theme for each message is mapped out when the series is planned. Each week, as the speaker for that week prepares the teaching for Saturday, key points, themes, topics, thoughts, and ideas are pulled from the message to be further discussed in eGroups. 

eGroups are the small group culture at Expectation Church. Our eGroups used to meet on Thursday nights, but after reviewing this schedule, eGroups now meet on Saturday night after our student worship experience. eGroups meet for about an hour and discuss what was taught that night. We have a general format for our eGroups discussion. We always end eGroups with some type of challenge for the week. 

A link to download an example of eGroup content can be found below.