the Glorious G.O.D. Series Intro

This Saturday, March 5th, we're kicking off our brand new series, the Glorious G.O.D. We started off 2016 going over our vision and values here at Expectation Church. We then moved on to see what a life with Jesus looks like with those values in mind. Now we're going to turn the focus on God. 

During the month of March, over the course of 3 Saturday's, we're going to look at how GLORIOUS/GOOD/GREAT/INCREDIBLE/(Insert your word here) our God truly is. We'll look at different passages in the Bible where God interacts with people to show His glory. We're kicking off this series in the Book of Exodus when Moses asks God to, "SHOW ME YOUR GLORY!" That's our prayer this month as we dive into this series. Our hope is the God will SHOW US HIS GLORY.

We couldn't be more excited for this series at eStudents! We hope to see your students each week as we dive into the Bible to see how GLORIOUS our GOD is.