Numbers are fascinating. They tell us how many Dr. Pepper's are left in the fridge. They tell us how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop. Numbers tell us how big something is or much weight we've gained after Thanksgiving and Christmas (anybody want to be gym buddies?) Numbers tell us how many texts we have or how many Tweets we've sent out.

They also tell us how much work God is doing in our church! Each week, students are given the opportunity to fill out one of our connection cards - if it's their first time, if they've made a decision to follow Jesus, if they've got questions about baptism, serving, etc., or if they've never actually filled one out. As we wrap up 2015, I wanted to share some numbers with you to show what God has done in the lives of our students in 2015. All of the data comes from our connection cards. 

In 2015, we saw: 

 - 32 students begin a relationship with Jesus
 - 14 students raised to life in baptism
 - 79 first time guests fill out Connection Cards.

And again, these numbers only reflect data from students that filled out connection cards. I have no doubt that there were many more students who started a relationship with Jesus and we definitely saw more than 79 first time guests. This is all growth from previous years. At our Back to School Bash, we had 91 students, and over half of them were first time guests

Our over-arching theme/idea for 2016 with eStudents is EXPECTANT. We are expectant that we will see even more students begin relationships with Jesus, get baptized, and get plugged in to our church! Join with our team in prayer as we attempt great things in 2016 and remain EXPECTANT that God is going to do something incredible!

Austin ParkhurstComment