We're constantly making plans for ourselves. We plan what we'll do next. We plan our meals. We plan our calendars. We plan vacations and trips. 

For the month of December, we're going to look at a young couple who was betrothed and getting ready to be married. They had been PLANNED to be together and they were PLANNING to get married soon. All of a sudden, their plans changed. This young woman was now pregnant by the Holy Spirit, and her husband-to-be was trying to figure out a NEW PLAN. What they didn't realize was although this pregnancy and turn of events seemed unplanned it was very much a PLANNED event. 

eStudents is going to take a look at the Christmas story through a different lens this year as we explore what our plans mean in the face of God's plans. We're going to carry this out with this idea: "DON'T LET YOUR PLANS MAKE YOU MISS OUT ON GOD'S PURPOSE FOR YOUR LIFE."

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