Stepping Up and Doing WHATEVER It Takes

Why is it so key for students to attend our student experiences?

I regularly ask myself this question to be sure that everything we do with our student ministry is intentional. Everything we do flows from this question. The answer - We want to see students far from God experience faith in Christ. eStudents is one of the instruments that Expectation Church uses to reach that goal. Our student experiences are designed for students who have a relationship with Christ AND students who do not.

Every event we do, every Excite Night, every Saturday evening - they are all done so that students far from God will experience faith in Christ. We've put a pause on our new series, #SAIL, so that we can really zero in on the WHY for eStudents. This past Saturday and this next Saturday, we're taking a look at practical steps to be a witness and to invite people to church. There is an exciting future ahead for our church, and eStudents doesn't just want to GO into that future, but we want to GROW into that future.

On June 11th, we looked at Mark 2 where Jesus heals a paralytic man who is lowered through the roof of the house where He is preaching. 4 friends knew that Jesus could heal their friend, but they couldn't get inside because there were so many people inside and around the house. So in order to get their friend to Jesus, they climb on the roof, make a hole, and lower him through right in front of Jesus. We challenged our students to BE BRINGERS that do WHATEVER IT TAKES to bring their friends to Jesus - whether it means bringing their friends to church or bringing church to their friends.

In order to do that, we're giving them practical steps and methods of sharing Jesus with their friends. On Saturday, we talked about Jesus healing a man with demons in Luke 8. After performing this miracle, Jesus tells the man, “Return home and tell how much God has done for you.” (vs 39) This is the challenge we issued to eStudents. Go home, go to school, or go hang out with your friends and tell them how much God has done for YOU. We walked through a popular evangelism tool - Romans Road (SEE GRAPHIC BELOW). We also demonstrated a drawing to help explain the point. Students will be given a few more tools THIS Saturday as we continue looking at STEPPING UP AND DOING WHATEVER IT TAKES to make sure our friends know Christ.

Parents - we ask that you would join us in prayer as we equip your students and help them realize that they have the ability and power to be effective witnesses. We've already seen some of them planning hangouts through which they can build relationships, share God's Word, and break down barriers so that their friends will come to our student experiences, Sunday worship experiences, or hear the Gospel from OUR students. I couldn't be more honored and proud of our students for STEPPING UP and DOING WHATEVER IT TAKES to see their friends far from God experience faith in Christ.